Go-To Tacos

 from February 17, 2013

venison-tacos-with-avocado-salsa-1024x714Lynne Curry, author of Pure Beef, will teach a class for Walla Walla area food lovers on March 9th (thank to TMN and Lostine Cattle Company!). Class participants will learn a host of cooking tips plus score a copy of Pure Beef to take home. The class is $50 per person and includes tastes of meals and wine.

Today we’re sharing a recipe for Go-To Tacos from Lynne’s book (and featured on her blog, Rural Eating). She’s a fan of tacos, to say the least.

It may not be an exaggeration to say that tacos are my lifesavers. When there’s little time or energy for making dinner: tacos. When we’re gathering friends on  the back deck: tacos. When I’m famished in the afternoon: a taco.


So go make some delicious tacos for your family and then purchase a ticket or two to our event with Lynne!